Michael A McCullough (b. 1946 Gettysburg, PA)

I am a visual artist who has worked in various mediums throughout my career including furniture making, photography, printmaking and culminating in abstract painting. My development as an abstract artist is directly related to the chronology of mediums I have worked in, each being influenced by the previous.

My work has always been about creating using my hands. My abstract work tends to be intuitive. I seldom think ahead, rather I rely on whatever emotion I am feeling at that time. For me each work embodies my exploration, connection and interaction with the world.

My paintings are intended to engage the viewer and evoke an emotion or a thought, which might not necessarily be my own. For this reason I seldom name my works, so as not to encourage an interpretation or pre-conceived idea.

I work from my studio not far from Gettysburg, PA.

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